E-Mail Configuration for MS Outlook Express

  1. Open (double-click) Outlook Express, which should be on the desktop as part of Internet Explorer 4.0 Installation.  Go to Tools on the Menu Bar, select Accounts.  Click on the Mail tab in the dialog box, then click on the Add button on the right, select Mail to create a new e-mail account.  The following wizard will open to guide through the process.
  2. Enter your full name.  Click on "Next". 

    mail1.gif (49135 bytes) 

  3. Enter your e-mail address, which is usually the login_username@bealenet.com.  Click on "Next".
  4. mail2.gif (49591 bytes) 

  5. Enter pop3.bealenet.com as the incoming mail server and mailhost.bealenet.com as the outgoing mail server.  Click on "Next".
  6. mail3.gif (43968 bytes) 

  7. Enter your login username as the POP account name.  The Password for the mail account is the same as the password of the login username.  Click on "Next".

  8. (If a second e-mail address has been assigned, the POP account name and password will be different from the login username) 

    mail4.gif (45921 bytes) 

  9. Choose a friendly name or leave the default "mailhost.bealenet.com" as shown.   Click on "Next".
  10. mail5.gif (44913 bytes) 

  11. Select "Connect using my phone line" as the Connection Type.   Click on "Next".
  12. mail6.gif (48402 bytes) 

  13. Select "Use an existing dial-up connection".  Choose "Bealenet" or a dial-up connection for Bealenet.  Click on "Next".
  14. mail7.gif (40908 bytes) 

  15. Click on "Finish" to complete the e-mail account setup.
  16. mail8.gif (49479 bytes)

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