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Bowling Green Electronics offers a Web Hosting solution that will fit most any company or organization's needs, large or small. Your company can have it's own web presence with your own identifiable name such as www.yourcompany.com.  For $25.00 per month and a $10.00 Internic setup fee, your domain can be viewed world wide giving your small business or organization the edge it needs to compete with even the largest businesses on the globe.  

Your virtual domain includes 30 megs of web page space and up to 10 e-mail addresses with your domain name in the address. You can create your own source for your pages or use one of our recommended Web Masters to create your site and give it the professional look you need. For more information give us a call at 804-633-2069 or email bge@bealenet.com. 

Check using Internic's Whois tool to see if your name is available. 

Here are some of the domains we host.
Caroline County
Eastern Region American Water Ski Assc.
Coleman and Company
Kings Kennels
Meadowview Biological Research Station
Mike Gilbert - Gilbert Consulting Services, Inc.
Sena Foundation
SGE & Associates
Twin Ponds Kennels
William C. Duke and Assc.
York Watershed Council

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