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Please follow the guidelines below for your home pages. This will speed up the process of getting them on the server and create less work for all of us.

(1) Make sure that all links to filenames do not include a directory name. Just the filename. Example: SRC="smiling.gif" 

(2) Make sure that all filenames in the body of your document are in lowercase. Our server runs on Linux and it is case sensitive.

(3) Name your main page index.html or index.htm. This will make you page easier to access by typing ~username at the end of http://www.bealenet.com  Example http://www.bealenet.com/~john
Make sure if you have multiple pages they link back to index.html of index.htm. Windows95 allows the longer filenames and extensions. All extra pages need to have the html or htm extension also.

(4) Make sure your page works before you send it. You can browse your pages on your own machine by typing the file location of your page in the browser such as c:\mypages\index.html.

(5) If you are sending your files to us to place of the server please send all of your files as an attachment in one zip file or self extracting zip file. Name your file username.zip or username.exe Example: john.zip or john.exe. This will allow us to keep all of the files separate.

(6) If you need to update your page please send all of the files each time you make a change unless it is a text only change. 

(7) Please send all pages to bge@bealenet.com. 

(8) Pornographic or sexually explicit material will  not be accepted.

(9) Once your initial page has been posted and you fully understand how to make it work, we will allow direct ftp for updates to your home directory. The agreement form must be signed and mailed back to us here to allow direct access. No Faxes or e-mail and it must be the original. Click here for the form then click print.

(10) Use any html editor to create your pages with. You can download Netscape Communicator direct from our TUCOWS mirror and use the built in html editor for free.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.


Please send comments or suggestions to: